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An orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD) is characterized by an abnormal lip, jaw, or tongue position during rest, swallowing, or speech. It can also include abnormal oral habits.


OMD can be caused by upper airway obstruction, chronic finger or thumb sucking, extended pacifier or bottle use, orofacial muscular and structural differences, and genetics.


Some symptoms can include: Speech distortion; particularly a frontal lisp and Chronic open mouth positioning. Dental abnormalities; such as overjet and open bite

Other Signs

Tongue thrust: when the tongue pushes against or between the teeth during speech or swallowing.


Treatment is individualized and focus on tongue and facial resting postures, swallowing, and speech articulation.


The best outcomes are achieved when prescribed exercises are practiced every day.

Allison Savic

Allison Savic RDH, BS, is a practicing Registered Dental Hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist in Nashville, Tennessee. Allison graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.

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